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  • I am not familiar with the term XYZ, can you please explain?

    Please examine our Glossary.

  • Using Open Source software, how can I build a ... ?

      Voice Recorder
      Record phone calls in call centres, banks or record radio messages for archiving
      Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
      The computer answers the phone and says "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support..."
      Interactive Voice response (IVR)
      "Please enter your customer ID....", then the computer gathers DTMF key presses from the phone and perhaps looks up a database to check an order ID or account status.
      Build a PC-based PBX (traditional TDM)

  • My business already has a PBX, but I would like to add a an IVR, ACD, VOIP or call recording capabilities. How can I get started?

    Please email Voicetronix support or sales and we will tell you what hardware and software you need to get started. You will need to tell them:
    1. What type of PBX and whether it connects to proprietary handsets.
    2. How many phone lines and handsets are connected to the PBX.
    3. Whether the phone lines are POTS, E1/T1, ISDN or CAS.

  • I am comfortable installing and configuring Linux, but I haven't performed any Computer Telephony work. I need to build a Computer Telephony system for our office. Can you help me get started?

    If you have Linux and programming skills, then Computer Telephony using our hardware and software building blocks will be easy for you. We can advise you on the hardware and software required, and help you build your application. If you don't feel comfortable setting the system up yourself, you can engage our professional services to complete your custom solution.

  • How can open source help me with my Computer Telephony development?

    Many of our customers are getting tired of:
    • Expensive technology and application tool upgrades.
    • Rigid service level agreements (SLAs).
    • Expensive customisation services.
    • Expensive software licenses that restrict business.
    • Hardware vendors who refuse to upgrade and/or fix bugs in their drivers.

    The real value in our hardware is the support of open source telephony software. This enables our clients to benefit from freely available software to build and deploy feature-rich telephony applications very quickly. Costs become predictable and there are no hidden licensing or upgrade charges.

    In fact, open source software empowers our customers. There is no reason to be dictated by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or customisation services. You have access to the source code and can choose whether or not to upgrade to new supported versions or make modifications to suit your own requirements. You don't have to be pressured to upgrade to the vendor's supported version or be held ransom to exorbitant customisation fees.

    Tired of expensive and restrictive licenses? How would you like to remove all operating costs and licensing issues from your product? Consider changing to a free, high performance operating system such as Linux and in particular the Debian distribution.

    And yes, you can mix your closed-source application code with free, open source code in your product/application.

    Ever wanted your Computer Telephony hardware vendor to fix a bug in their driver? How about getting them to upgrade their driver to a new operating system? Well, with our open source driver you are free to perform this work yourself, should we be unable to do so. With Open Source, you are in control!

    See the Open Source page for more information.

  • As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), how can Voicetronix help me maximise my competitive advantage?

    Voicetronix provides client access to all source code for each of its products. Clients don't get frustrated with integrating "black boxes" into their product lines. The development and maintenance cycle is shortened as they have better design and diagnostic control over their whole product. This equates to better quality offerings, quicker time to market and faster returns on investment.

    Voicetronix has developed a selection of typical telephony applications that illustrate to software developers how to best utilise its drivers and API in their application development projects. OEMs can leverage against these freely available existing building blocks and concentrate solely on customising telephony solutions for their clients instead of re-inventing the wheel.

    For OEMs we offer quality products and strong support. We will work with you, even customise our product to meet your needs. We will help you with your coding, and even visit you to work with your engineers.

  • What is Computer Telephony hardware?

    Have you ever phoned up a company and heard a recorded voice say.......

    "Welcome to Company XYZ, to reach sales, press 1"........"

    Yes, I know what you are thinking, and I have had some bad experiences on these systems too!

    Voicetronix manufactures hardware (Computer telephony cards) that enable these systems to be built. These cards plug into a PC, then multiple phone lines connect into the card. Our customers add the software, and then you have a complete Computer telephony (CT) system, that can answer the phone, redirect your call, take voicemail, and many other applications.

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