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Founded in 1995, Voicetronix is a leading creator and pioneer of open source Computer Telephony hardware. A privately owned Australian company, we operate from two locations, in Sydney and Adelaide.

Established initially to perform consultancy and contract development in the fields of speech compression, echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware design, Voicetronix embarked in the process of evolving into a computer telephony hardware vendor in late 1996 and commenced supplying its telephony boards in 1998, predominantly to companies outside Australia.

We have customers all over the world and work closely with companies in North and South America, Europe, Japan and South East Asia to help them build better telephony solutions for an ever increasingly wide range of uses.

We were the first telephony hardware vendor to open source our drivers back in 1999. We were also the first in the open source telephony market segment to demonstrate and deliver passive tapping for ISDN lines.

Over the years, we have designed a uniquely powerful and flexible suite of open source telephony development tools and applications built from it, including OpenPBX, VTLogger and CT server. We offer our customers total control of their solutions and the building blocks to create and deploy them rapidly.

Our mission is to provide world class telephony solutions to customers who seek open source hardware and software to solve their particular telephony needs. We are focused on achieving this through product innovation, designs that genuinely solve the hard problems which others shirk, unequalled reliability, and outstanding support.


Key reasons for partnering with Voicetronix include:


    By providing SOLUTIONS - not just hardware components.

    Our hardware is backed by a rich selection of telephony software, most of it having been developed internally in close cooperation with our customers to perfectly meet their varied needs and the needs of their customers. Just email or phone us to discuss what you need. We are always here to help you get the best possible results, whether its building your own solution using our hardware and software building blocks or buying an off the shelf or custom solution from us.

    By being RESPONSIVE to our customers.

    At Voicetronix, we offer free phone and email support for our products. When you phone us during our business hours you will quickly reach a technical expert. Email queries can usually expect a response within 12 hours of us receiving it (taking into consideration timezone differences etc.). We don't expect you to hunt for a forum to post your inquiry or troll through to find out the correct answers. Contact us! Our engineers are here to ensure you get the right information quickly and without fuss, helping you complete your telephony project ASAP.

    Should you find a problem with any of our products, we always want to know about that and you'll immediately be connected with the engineer that will fix it. We take great pride in finding them before you do, and will be suitably humbled, and grateful, if you manage to beat us to spotting ones we missed. We likewise are always keen to hear about feature requests too should you find something missing that would really help with your particular use. For more general problems, that aren't things an engineer here will need to fix in our code or hardware, we can only offer you more limited periods of help (for reasons which should be fairly obvious) but we do offer support contracts if you need us to see you through those problems to completion too.


    OEMs and VARS take note: If you are serious about quantity purchases, then we are serious about support. Just check our testimonials. We want to work with you and help you build your telephony products.

    In certain circumstances it may be prudent to subscribe to one of our premium professional services packages. These professional service packages are geared to the unique requirements of OEMs and VARs who engage us to provide:

    • Ongoing priority technical support.
    • Customisation activities on our products, including modifying our driver, firmware, and even our hardware.
    • Consultancy services in order to help them complete and deliver their telephony project, including site visits by our technical staff.

    These professional services are designed to help OEMs and VARs:

    • Fast track their product development cycle and time to market.
    • Offer certainty when creating their customer service level agreements for their solutions, knowing that we will always be there providing priority support for them.

    Please contact sales with your professional services requirements.



    Build high quality telephony applications by purchasing a Voicetronix telephony card, downloading our driver and application software and installing them in a PC server running Linux. There are no operating system or application software purchases or license fee requirements. There are no ongoing costs for choosing to upgrade your server or the software on it.

  • WE OFFER YOU ULTIMATE CONTROL - not vendor lock in


    Our telephony hardware drivers and application software are all open source. This offers you total design and maintenance control over your solution. This means if you need to add a new feature or fix a potential bug, then you can always choose to do it yourself or engage the services of a third party and not need to rely on the whims of any vendor. The driver and application source code will always be available to you, and you needn't worry about new operating systems making your product obsolete due to an out of date driver, and being trapped with no way to be able to fix that.

    Inevitably using open source software in your solution enhances its commercialisation process by mitigating the risk commonly percieved by bigger enterprises doing business with smaller technology providers - will they be here tomorrow?

    Our application software and libraries are licensed under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License). This gives you the freedom to integrate our products with proprietary software without the need to make that source code available, as is the case with GPL. Developers with proprietary applications can take advantage of our open source products without compromising their intellectual property or existing business models, and without needing to negotiate with us behind closed doors for an "exception" to our normal open source licence. There is no need to chase down and try to get approval and/or pay license fees to numerous copyright holders to utilise our open source software with your proprietary product.

    The flexibility to choose the best combination of open source and proprietary software can help you to deliver the best functional solution at the lowest possible cost. Even if you don't exercise that option from the outset, it will always be open to you without any hidden surprises laying in wait.

    Unlike some other open source telephony software projects, our chosen open source licensing model encourages our customers to modify, improve and add back to the code base without tying your hands for how you licence your own code, without requiring you to ever obtain additional permissions from us, and without the risk of extra rent-seeking from your hard work if circumstances should change (either with your own project, or with a copyright holder you needed to seek extra licence exceptions from).

    Freedom that you have to ask permission for isn't freedom. We're serious about enabling you to do the things that you, want to do, that work best for you and your customers, with no secret surprises.


    Our hardware is approved for use around the world, including North America, Europe, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. This means OEMs and VARs using our hardware, can market their products on a global scale.


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